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Our new high energy single available April 20th 2020

"Change It" 

Infused with driving rhythms, quick lead guitar work and a healthy dose of punkabilly.

 Coming off of an exciting year opening for iconic Canadian musicians such as Loverboy, David Wilcox and the Trews, Carl Rundown Band entered Attitude Productions recording studio with producer Pete Swann in late 2019 to record "Change It". Written by guitarist/vocalist Dan Uhde "Change It" explores our ability (or inability) to face our inner demons in order to move forward and enjoy what life has to offer. Driven by Dan’s powerful vocals and rounded out by Kyle Wauchope on bass and Ryan Leduc on lead guitar "Change It" sees Carl Rundown Band at their finest.


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As with all artists struggling at this hard time trying to make it through the Covid-19 crisis, we have had to take to the internet and start doing live streams and video shares independently from our homes. Through our Facebook page, Facebook groups, Instagram Page and any other avenues we can find. 

Though it could never compare to the real thing, we want to try and stay connected with the people and continue to bring them music while they find a new normal in this crazy world. Staying connected is more important now than ever and music always unites.


We hope everyone makes it through to the other side, Be well and stay safe.


Cheers from, CRB

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Upcoming Rundown Shows


 May 9th - Ivy Hall, Thornton w/Cousin Jack- On Hold

June 13th - First Annual Onion Fest- Innisfil- On Hold


Recent Shows

Direct Support to Headliner

This was our second time getting the honour of sharing the stage with this Canadian legend. The first time back in 2013 in our hometown of Innisfil Ontario. He never fails to put on a killer high energy show.  

Artist Showcase

performed with 4 other local independent bands

We had a great time being apart of this showcase series of independent artists in our local area at Mavricks Music Hall in downtown Barrie, On. We would like to Thank our local station Rock 95.7 and Impact Live events for putting on This series and always supporting local talent. 

Recent Shows and Events

Kempenfest Barrie 2019

opening for loverboy and teenage head

We were thrilled when we received the invite from Impact Live to share the stage with these killer bands. Especially at a home town festival we have attended since we were kids going to see the bands play. It was a rush to play on the Rock 95.7 stage on the Barrie waterfront on a gorgeous summer day. hope to make it back one day! 

We opened for The Trews

The TREWS 2nd Annual Winter Meltdown Concert Party 1.3.19, Barrie Ontario

We had the privilege of opening for this amazingly talented Canadian band we have all listened to, seen live and admired for years. We didn't take this opportunity lightly and we had a wonderful night with so many cheering fans at this sold out show. We preformed a set of original songs for this show from our 3 Eps currently available as well as some new music we have been working on that we can't wait for the rush of the audience from our next venture. 

Band Biography

Four guys from Innisfil deliver a meaningful musical experience every time they have a chance to perform. Starting out in garages, basements and bonfires before moving to big stages, these gentlemen give it their all for any audience they are in front of.  They each bring a genuine skill to creating every new song that they write. Releasing their 3rd EP- "Goin in without a Plan" in October 2018, these guys show no sign of slowing down.  They are still riding the energy of the fans at their show opening for The Trews, March 1st 2019 at Mavericks in Barrie Ont, and they cannot wait for what’s next. 

Kyle Wauchope (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass). Kyle got his thirst for being on stage by performing in many musical theatre performances put on at Gryphon theatre in Barrie. Unlike most people being under the spotlight; this is where Kyle feels most comfortable. His love for making people laugh and sing along with him is what makes him chase the next big gig. After seeing the Foo Fighters perform at Summersault 2000 at Molson Park, Kyle wanted to make people feel as good as he did in that exact moment. At 16, he picked up his mothers’ beat up classical guitar, and started taking lessons at TJ's music in Innisifl. Now when he performs, his passion for entertaining is visible and contagious. From the garage, basement, bonfire to outdoor festival stage Kyle just loves to play. If you don't see him on stage somewhere, the only other place you will find him is watching in the crowd usually as close as physically possible. 

Dan Uhde (Lead Vocals, Guitar). Dan was raised by music-enthusiast parents. He began playing guitar and singing at the age of 11. With a wide array of influences, he formed a well rounded approach to rock and roll guitar and vocals. Although his love for punk rock tends to shine in their moments with fast choppy rhythms accompanied with melodic, tone driven leads. In 2011, he met Kyle and began collaborating on their first EP. Carl Rundown Band was born and has been steadily building momentum ever since. In this time, he has built Studio SeventyTwo, with his photographer wife Amanda, which has become the band’s home rehearsal space and private concert theatre. Dan and Amanda have two children, a son Jason and daughter Claire, and they are always encouraging their interest the arts.

Alan Ferguson (Percussion, Back Up Vocals). Alan was born is Etobicoke, Ontario but spent most of his life growing up in Innisfil. Alan was inspired to start playing the drums in his late teens to follow in the footsteps of his father and his father before him. Starting on a kit his dad played with when he was young, Alan had an on again/off again relationship with the drums. Coincidentally, he was in his first band with Ryan and Kyle. After they decided to part ways, he took time off from the drums. Since being in CRB, Alan has relearned to love the bond of a band and his passion of wailing on the skins. Alan plays with a lot of heart and hits the drums with a lot of might. He grew up listening to all sorts of genres of music; with his parents loving country and 60’s pop to his own love of rock and roll, metal, indie and folk. Alan isn’t one to have a personal bias. Since joining the band, Alan has also started a family. He and his fiancé, Ashton, have 2 beautiful children - a boy named Elliot and a girl named Vada with whom he will share his love of music with through the many instruments he keeps at his home.

Ryan Leduc (Guitar, Bass, Keys, Mandolin, Back Up Vocals) is a multi instrumentalist who has been playing music for 20 years. Mostly self taught, he joined up with friends Al and Kyle to start the band Fiend; honing their musicianship and songwriting. He attended Trebas Institute for audio engineering, learning how to record his and other musicians’ songs. In 2007, he joined Theory Astray. On top of releasing their two albums, he had the opportunity to play some of the best venues in Toronto; including the Opera House and Sound Academy.  In 2015, after being out of a band for two years, Ryan jumped at the chance to join his former band mates Al and Kyle (plus the incomparable Dan Uhde) in Carl Rundown Band, playing guitar, bass, mandolin and keyboard. Ryan also has the solo project Zero Symmetry.



Past Shows and Events



 Rundown 2019


January 4th - Foxx Lounge & Hotdoggery

January 19th - event, at our home Studio, Studio SeventyTwo, Innisfil 

January 25th - Last Shot Acoustic Duo, Essa   

February 2nd - Oharas, Barrie  

February 18th - The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville TN. Rundown Duo Dan & Kyle

February 22nd -Rock 95.7 Radio, Live to air song of the day and interview 

February 23rd - Sunrise Records, Barrie

March 1st - Local Support for THE TREWS, Mavericks Music Hall, Barrie   

March 17th -Last Shot, Rundown Acoustic Duo, Essa

March 22nd – Donaleigh, Barrie  

March 29th - The Cameron House, Toronto, Acoustic Duo Dan & Kyle

April 5- Market Brewing Company, Newmarket- Acoustic Duo, Dan & Kyle 

June 8th - Donaleigh's, Barrie

June 14th-  John Anderson Music accompaniment, Ribfest Innisfil  

June 22nd - event, Cookstown

July 1st- John Anderson Music Accompaniment, Caledon Strawberry Fest 

July 13th- Donalieghs, Barrie 

July 26th- John Anderson Accompaniment   

July 27th- John Anderson Accompaniment- Georgina Country Fest 

August 1st - Foxx Lounge & Hotdoggery

August 10th - Big Rock Golf Tournament

August 24th- Private Party

August 24th - Last Summer Bash Memorial Concert

September 14, The Last Shot, guest performance by Danielle Bourjeaurd 

                                                                    September 22nd- John Anderson Accompaniment    

                                                                        September 25th -  Horseshoe resort, private event 

                                                                           September 26th - The Wilds, Private Event 

                                                                                     October 25th - Private event   

                                                                 October 26th- Oharas Barrie- Acoustic Duo, Dan & Kyle  

                                                                             December 7th- The Top Spot, Keswick 

  December 21st - Breakout Sound 3 - Mavricks Music Hall, Barrie

                                                                                  December 28th - O'Haras, Barrie

January 31st - The Last Shot 6-10pm- Thornton, Duo 

 January 31st - Mash Bash  RVH fundraiser by Rock 95.7, Barrie

 January 31st - Bull Wheel Pub, Blue Mountain Resort, Collingwood


Rundown 2020

                                                                March 6th - The Ranch Barrie, Opening for David Wilcox  

                                                       March 14th - Bullwheel Pub 6-9pm, Blue Mountain, Collingwood